How to Make a Ghost Windsock

In the spring and summer, colourful windsocks make beautiful decorations that blow in the breeze. But for Halloween, you need something spooky to set the mood. How about a ghost windsock? They're easy and fun to make, and they're scary without being too horrific for small children. Here are two ways to make them.

Foam Ghost Windsock

What You Need

* White craft foam

* Black craft foam

* White bin bag

* Craft glue

* Scissors

* Hole punch

* Stapler

* White string or twine


1. Cut a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth out of the black craft foam. Glue them to the front of the white craft foam.

2. Cut the bin bag into long, one to two inch wide strips. Glue them to the bottom of the piece of craft foam. Let dry.

3. Bring the right edge of the craft foam around to the left edge, forming a tube. Glue or staple together.

4. Using the hole punch, make three holes spaced evenly around the top of the windsock. Cut three pieces of string or twine, about two feet long each. Tie one string through each hole, then bring the strings together over the ghost and tie.

5. Hang your windsock from your porch or a tree branch

Poster Board Ghost Windsock

What You Need

* Small white poster board

* Black permanent marker

* Hole punch

* White crepe paper streamers

* Craft glue

* Stapler

* String or twine


1. Place the poster board lengthwise. Use the black permanent marker to draw on a ghostly face.

2. Cut streamers into lengths of two to three feet. Glue them onto the bottom of the poster board. Let dry.

3. Roll the poster board into a tube shape. Staple or glue the ends together to hold. Let dry.

4. Punch three evenly spaced holes in the top of the windsock. Cut three pieces of string or twine about two feet long. Tie one string through each hole, and bring all three strings together above the windsock. Tie together.

5. Hang and enjoy your windsock.


* If you want your ghost to be especially eye-catching, add some glitter accents. You could line the facial features with silver glitter glue, or lightly dot craft glue in random places on the windsock, sprinkle with loose glitter, and shake off the excess.

* Hang your windsock indoors and place a fan nearby to make it flutter and float as it would outside.

* These make great haunted house decorations! If you don't want them to move around as much, simply make the hanging string a bit shorter.


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